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When you talk about asphalt, you likely hear about several types, including warm mix, cold mix, and cold-press. The former is used on highways, interstates, and tunnels and can be a better choice during days of low air quality. However, cold mix is also a great choice for winter pavements because it has the benefit of outlasting its surrounding pavement. Cold mix is also used by Claremont Asphalt contractors as tack coats and stabilizing elements in mixes. And mastic asphalt is used for waterproofing rooftops.

UNIQUE Paving Materials Corporation

UNIQUE Paving Materials Corporation is a construction materials company specializing in asphalt and concrete repair and patching services. It is also one of the fastest growing law firms in the United States, providing clients with innovative and commercial solutions. Its parent company, Golden Living, is a healthcare company that improves the lives of patients and residents. Another company in the group is Knoah, a market research, quality assurance monitoring, and customer experience management solution. This information is based on a variety of sources, including the company’s website and social media profiles.

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Cold-Press pavement material

It is produced by using existing asphalt pavement materials, which are either hot-pressed at a plant or cold-pressed in place. These two techniques allow for significant structural treatment of most pavement distress, reduced hauling and air quality issues, and a wider pavement than hot-pressed asphalt. The following sections will provide an overview of the process involved in cold in-place recycling. The first step is to grind the existing pavement. This process is followed by placing and compaction.

Ravel Check

Using a patented liquid asphalt pavement preservation product such as Ravel Check will prolong the life of your asphalt pavement by up to 3 to 5 years. Its unique formulation is a three-in-one treatment that penetrates the asphalt surface, rejuvenates the liquid asphalt binder, and protects the pavement from contaminants. The product’s unique formula also contains Gilsonite, which not only provides a long-lasting deep black finish, but also slows the oxidation process.

Cold mix asphalt

UNIQUE Paving Materials Corp. based in Cleveland, Ohio, offers top-of-the-line pavement repair products. Its sales reach extends throughout the United States and the world. It is produced at a top-notch laboratory, ensuring its quality. Unique’s cold-patch asphalt mix is specially formulated to last longer than the surrounding pavement. It is used by municipal and private contractors alike to patch roads and fill potholes.

Cold patch asphalt

UNIQUE Paving Materials is based in Cleveland, Ohio and specializes in the production of high-quality pavement repair products. With sales all across the U.S. and around the world, they have proven their ability to provide superior pavement repair products. In fact, they have a state-approved laboratory that ensures the quality and consistency of their products. Read on to learn more about UPM. This innovative product is a permanent repair solution that fuses with existing pavement, preventing future problems.

Mastic asphalt

Mastic asphalt is a versatile, high-quality paving material that provides many benefits to homeowners and builders. It’s virtually fireproof and impervious to water, and it is also resistant to pests. These attributes make it a durable paving material that can last decades in many applications. Another benefit is its ease of recycling. This material can be used on all types of roads, including driveways and parking lots.

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