Most Common SEO Errors that Central Coast Businesses Commit

The region of Central Coast is often regarded as a haven for new start-ups and businesses. Although it’s just an hour’s drive from Sydney’s CBD, companies don’t have to pay a vast sum for office rentals. While the office rent is around A$695 per square metre per year in Melbourne’s CBD, it is only A$300 at the Central Coast’s Gosford suburb. Due to its relatively low cost of setting up and operating a business, the region has seen tremendous growth in the registration of new companies. It may be no surprise that the Central Coast area alone contributes A$10.9 billion to the New South Wales economy.

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The market becomes competitive with many business players. It is pretty tough for small businesses to be visible, get leads and increase sales. Many small businesses here on the Central Coast opt for SEO strategies but haven’t been successful. SEO is considered one of the most successful strategies to increase visibility online and in local areas. Unlike other strategies such as door drops, online ads, mail outs, SEO is quite impactful and valuable for a small business in the long run if implemented wisely.

Suppose your website is visible on the first page of Google search results. In that case, more and more customers will find and discover your business. Small businesses expect their performance to improve immediately with SEO strategies. However, they often commit significant errors when implementing SEO which can be drastic.

Common mistakes made by Central Coast small businesses in SEO

1)   Unrealistic expectations on the first day- 

Anything good doesn’t happen in a day. SEO requires immense patience. Google makes SEO assumptions when new content is published. It checks the relevance of the web pages, the backlinks, meta titles, and so on. Based on the reputation of the content, your website’s visibility improves online. You should monitor the SEO campaign for a couple of weeks on tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. You should not get obsessed with the SEO data and monitor daily. 

2)   When you use wrong keywords- 

Keywords are critical for the successful implementation of any SEO strategy. Google uses the keywords you have added to your website to match users’ queries with your website. Every webpage has its own set of keywords. It’s imperative that you do thorough research on identifying the right keywords for your website. 

If you have added wrong and non-competitive keywords, you may not get the desired results. It would be best if you tried to customize the search as per your target users’ requirements. For example, instead of “Electrical Services in Central Coast,” you should add “24×7 Electrical Services in Central Coast”, “Electrical Services near me.” You can also add the problems solved by electricians as keywords such as “Short Circuits <Central Coast>” to improve search rankings. 

3)   Not focusing on customer experience- 

If entrepreneurs believe that only SEO can lead to a successful business, then that’s not true. SEO is one of the crucial elements for improving business performance. SEO generates leads and visits but is not responsible for higher customer satisfaction. Your website must be responsive, informative, and user-friendly to enhance customer experience. Entrepreneurs can measure customer engagement with a few metrics such as conversion rate, bounce rate, and time on page. 

4)   Too many keywords- 

Keyword stuffing is a prevalent mistake among small Central Coast businesses. Too much of a good thing is not recommended when you practice SEO. If you start putting in too many keywords without focusing on the content relevance, it will do no good to your business. Google expects you to write organically for SEO. Hence, keyword density is very important for a successful SEO strategy. 

5)   Poor content quality- 

SEO is strongly associated with content marketing. Unless you publish high-quality content, SEO strategies won’t be fruitful. You should avoid scraped content and thin content that doesn’t appeal to visitors to the website. Create a website or a webpage that is useful for your visitors. 

6)   Security and speed of the website- 

SEO won’t lead to conversions if your website is slow and not secure. The web page speed has an impact on sales, customer experience, revenue, and conversions.

Final Words

While this is not an exhaustive list of the most common SEO mistakes to avoid, they are an excellent place to start with. Errors such as these hold back your website from performing well and gradually lose visibility online. Its advisable to conduct regular site audits to identify the health of your website and iron out errors.

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